Spring fashion essentials: 5 pieces you need in your wardrobe

Spring fashion essentials: 5 pieces you need in your wardrobe

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Spring fashion essentials: 5 pieces you need in your wardrobe

Say good-bye to "I've got nothing to wear!" These easy pieces will keep you in style this spring.


The arrival of spring means it’s time to dig out the old and the faithful from last year’s wardrobe and maybe invest in a few new threads—but how do you decide what’s worth buying?

“It's key to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable,” says Stylist Talia Brown. “Not all trends are everyone's cup of tea, but it is always a good idea to try to work in a few key pieces every season to make you feel fresh and up-to-date.” Shed some layers, dust off those tried-and-true silhouettes for warmer weather, and prepare yourself for a fresh look. Whether you go trendy or timeless, here are our five picks for your spring wardrobe essentials.

Trench, $220,

The lightweight jacket
In denim, trench or even a faux leather, a simple jacket for spring can satisfy every practical and stylish need you have. Each with its own unique cut and shape, the lightweight jacket can be tailored to suit your body shape. For bustier physiques, try something that flows, and if you’re more of a pear shape, a moto jacket with wide lapels might be best. This is a great layering piece that pairs well with the winter knits, cardigans, and long-sleeved blouses you may have yet to retire.

Slip on sneakers, $50,

The flat shoe
If you’ve spent the winter trudging through piles of snow or just plain cold weather, spring is a welcome time for strolling outside in cute shoes. “For this upcoming spring season, key pieces to own include the flat mule,” recommends Canadian Womenswear Designer, Hilary MacMillan. A twist on the classic ballet flat, the mule is a great slip-on shoe for work and play. That said, printed or bright sneakers are always a good addition for some personality and flair. MacMillan recommends keeping an eye out for Spanish-influenced colours, especially red, purples, greens and crisp whites.

Shift dress, $45,

The layering dress
“The shift dress is such a classic shape and fits a variety of body types,” says MacMillan. Plus, it provides the kind of versatility spring requires. Wear one over a crisp-collared blouse for work or with a pullover sweater and that trusty lightweight jacket for cooler spring evenings. Style a cotton shirtdress over jeans and tights, or by itself with flat sneakers.

Flare jeans, $90,

The perfect fit of jeans
This season, brings a return to wide- and straight-leg denim with a raw edge, as well as ’70s silhouettes like the bell-bottom or flare jean. When you’re searching for the denim of your dreams, don’t forget the power of the perfect fit. If today’s trends don’t mesh well with your body type, find one that does and stick with it. “I am a big advocate of women dressing in whatever way exudes confidence—don't be a slave to trends that do not suit your body shape, ” says MacMillan. If you do want to make your mark as a trendsetter, try a lighter denim in soft blue for spring 2016.

Printed scarf, $74,

The bright or personal accessory
A personal wardrobe of staple items wouldn’t feel right without a touch of festive accessorizing. Try a printed tote bag, a bright purse, modern-style aviators or a light and flowy scarf. Each of these accessories can brighten up your other staples and add a personal edge. Consider one of the bolder trends this season like the pattern- or patch-heavy accessory or jacket. Whatever it is, a hint of flair can make for the perfect finishing touch to your spring outfit.

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Spring fashion essentials: 5 pieces you need in your wardrobe