Sunglasses for every face shape

Sunglasses for every face shape

Hair and makeup, Aniya Nandy/Moroccanoil/M.A.C Cosmetics/Plutino Group.
Shirt, Max Mara Sunglasses, $300,

Image by: Carlyle Routh


Sunglasses for every face shape

Some of our favourite retro-inspired sunglasses of the season!

All eyes are on summer’s hottest retro-inspired sunnies. From subtle tints to full-on mirrored lenses, these are the most iconic sunglasses of the season.


Shape Shifter

What sunglasses are great for your visage? Here’s our guide to the best frames to suit your face shape.

Round: Rectangular or angular (think cat-eye) frames are ideal. Round faces have wide cheekbones, so they can also pull off oversize frames.

Square: If you have an angular face, stick with round frames, which will soften your features.

Oval: This is the ultimate face shape because you have plenty of options: Round, square and cat-eye frames all work. 

Diamond: The rarest face shape is narrow at the eye line and jawline and has high cheekbones. Choose frames with soft curves, such as ovals.

Heart: If you have a wide forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin, the width of your frames should be slightly larger than your forehead. A rounded square or a cat eye tends to look best.


Best in show


1. Max Mara cat-eye sunglasses, $394, holt 2. Bolon tortoiseshell sunglasses, $140, 3. Le Specs round sunglasses, $130, 4. Karen Walker sunglasses, $260, 5. Thierry Lasry cat-eye sunglasses, $590, 6. Poppy round sunglasses, $145, bonlook.comImage by: Geoffrey Ross




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Sunglasses for every face shape