Sunshine shades: How to wear yellow fashion

how to wear yellow fashion

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Sunshine shades: How to wear yellow fashion

Yellow is the most luminous of the colours on the spectrum—you might even call it the show-off of the colour wheel. Whether you’re lemon-loving or saffron-shy, here’s how you can shine in the happiest of all the hues.

Wear a little...
Start with an accessory, such as a pair of pumps or a purse. Once you become more comfortable with the vivid colour, upgrade to an item of clothing with a sunshine-tinged print (try polka-dots or stripes) or fabric (think tweed or herringbone) that mixes yellow with a neutral. If you’re feeling more daring, wear a lemon-yellow jumper with a neutral vest or blazer to help break up the intensity of the hue.

Vest, $50, Sweater, $29, and pants, $44, Hat, Necklace, Shoes,

Wear a lot...
If you’re not ready to don a full-on canary frock, try a Day-Glo pencil skirt tempered with a charcoal-grey topper. Grey is a lot less harsh than black, but don’t discount black; it still has its place with yellow. In this ensemble, a pair of sleek ebony booties work beautifully to ground the look. Still unsure? Strong colours come in a wide spectrum of hues, so choose a dress in a softer shade.

Sweater, $228, Skirt, $201, Earrings, Bag, Booties,

Power Couples
When it comes to teaming yellow, look for shades of grey, denim and navy. For a bolder contrast, experiment with cobalt, coral and magenta.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Canadian Living Magazine. 


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Sunshine shades: How to wear yellow fashion