Swimsuit and summer style guide

Swimsuit and summer style guide

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Swimsuit and summer style guide

After months of waiting for warm weather, it's finally time to hit the beach. Instead of stressing out, look forward to showing off your beach body and style sense this summer. 
From finding a great swimsuit and styling your hair to baring beautiful skin and wearing the hottest looks, this swimsuit and summer style guide will help you to look your very best throughout the sunny days and balmy nights ahead.

Your best swimsuit
The secret to finding the perfect bathing suit is to keep your body type in mind. For example, if you want to give the illusion of a bigger bust, opt for a padded top or one with more volume. And if you want to hide your tummy, a one-piece is the way to go. 
Keep an open mind and try on something different -- you might be surprised by how much you like a new style. And keep in mind that patterns like graphic prints and zigzags are leading trends in swimwear this summer. Click the red text below for more swimsuit-buying advice and inspiration. 

The best new bathing suits for your body type 2013
Finding the right swimsuit can be easier than you think. We've found the best tummy tamers, bust enhancers and all-around sexy styles to flatter your body this bathing suit season.
Stop dreading the beach and start looking forward to wearing a swimsuit this summer! This foolproof shopping guide is sure to help you find the most flattering swimsuit for your body type.

Beautiful skin
Whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a walk in the park, you need to protect your skin with the right SPF and remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours. A faux tan will give you that sun-kissed look without sun damage, so check out our recommended self-tanners below.

Banish bikini-line blues
Get expert tips for shaving your most delicate skin and find out what you can do to avoid unsightly red bumps at your bikini line.  

Our guide to removing unwanted hair down there, whether you're waxing at home or visiting the salon.
Learn how to achieve the perfect self-tan and check out the products that we recommend. 
How to have great skin all summer 
Keep your skin looking great with these amazing beauty products.
Skin care experts detail how your skin loses moisture as you age. Follow their easy tips and find recommended products to keep your skin moisturized, healthy and glowing at any age.
Top experts share tips for giving your skin the best sun protection. 
You know you need to wear sunscreen. But different lifestyles dictate different needs. Whatever your habits, we have the solution for you. Goodbye, guesswork; hello, summer! 
There are no more excuses when it comes to sun protection. We’ve rounded up the best sunscreens for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, kids, sporty individuals and those anti-sunscreen types. Read on to find the best sunscreen for you and yours.
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Summer hairstyling advice
Taking care of your hair is important, especially on those humid days. Using a frizz-fighting serum makes hair care a breeze. When it comes to hairstyling, try something new such as an easy fishtail braid or a ballerina bun that sweeps hair off your neck. 
Video: How to make a perfect ballerina bun
Embrace a classic trend with expert tips to create the perfect ballerina bun this summer.
Video: How to fishtail braid your hair
Give a standard braid a fresh look with a simple braiding technique, demonstrated by a professional from Marc Anthony salon.
We've fallen for the latest hairstyle trend: the updated ponytail. Find out how you can get the look at home with our expert techniques.

Summer makeup basics
When it’s hot outside, consider a no-makeup look and keep your beauty routine light. Apply concealer and foundation only where necessary, such as under your eyes or to cover up spots. Check out the following articles for the very best makeup and beauty advice to keep you looking gorgeous this summer.
From the pool to a summer wedding, melting makeup just won’t do. We share our favourite waterproof and sweat-proof picks for looking your best despite the heat.
As the weather warms up, trade your usual layers of makeup for a softer approach with these great tips for achieving a fresh, natural-looking face.

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Pretty feet
Footwear trends include practical yet fashionable flat sandals with metallic straps or splashes of bold colours.  Also, consider doing an at-home pedicure. This will save you a few bucks and take your toes to the next level. 
Show off your pedicure in style this season with our 10 favourite new sandals for summer. From wedges to gladiators, we've got great footwear finds for every occasion.
In preparation for any special occasions in your near future, show off your toes with a pretty pedicure. Get the best do-it-yourself shortcuts here.

Exercises for a beach-ready body
The best way to look good is to feel good so make time to stay fit this summer. Whether you want a full-body exercise or you'd like to just focus on toning a particular area, get the perfect workouts to make your body beach-ready.
Canadian Living fitness expert Pamela Mazzuca Prebeg shows you how to get the best bikini body ever in five easy exercises. Complete this workout three to four times a week for best results.
Video: Toning trouble spots: Amazing thigh workout
Tone your thighs in no time with this amazing at-home thigh workout, designed by Canadian Living fitness expert Pamela Mazzuca Prebeg.
Whether you've just had a baby, or you simply want to get back into shape, you can target your trouble areas in one workout with four simple exercises.

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Swimsuit and summer style guide