The Best Plus Size Fashion Stores to Shop Online

13 Plus Size Clothing Stores in Canada to Buy Online

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The Best Plus Size Fashion Stores to Shop Online

Updated: July 2021

It’s taken a while, but online retailers are finally beginning to catch on that women—all women—want fun, affordable and exciting clothes.

Let’s be honest. Shopping as a plus-size woman is no easy feat. And shopping online? It can seem impossible, especially when the clothing selection in the plus-size world can be so limited. It's no wonder you can feel like you’ve been forgotten.

But women in Canada—especially women who wear sizes beyond a 14—have been vocal about wanting more, and better, options to shop. Why aren’t more brands offering clothing to cater to all sizes, from zero to twenty-two and more? Luckily, there is beginning to be a better selection out there. With some dedicated digging and internet sifting, we have struck plus-size gold. Here is a look at some of the best plus-size online shopping spots that cater to women who often find themselves left out of the fashion conversation.



This Canadian brand is a sister brand to plus-size favourites like Pennington’s and Reitman’s. Addition Elle offers an extreme array of items from tops and bottoms, to outwear to get you ready for the brutal Canadian winters, to lingerie that celebrates your body. The shop has styles available from sizes 12 to 26, and often partners with plus-size celebrities, such as model and body-positive activist, Ashley Graham, so you can be endlessly inspired to love your body as-is.

Shop on Pennington’s now.
Shop on Reitman’s now.
Shop on Addition Elle now





If you love Amazon, you can find some of the cutest and stylish plus size clothing on there. Amazon fashion is getting better every month with the new brands the company adds. You can find affordable Amazon plus size clothing from brands all around the world. 

Shop on amazon now

3. Asos Curve

Asos Curve offers a wide range of styles perfect for your curves. Available in sizes 12 to 28, this brand is all about inclusivity and body positivity. They have a massive selection of pieces for whatever you need, be it professional or casual. And their low price point makes them an easy go-to brand.




This online retailer offers a wide range of sizes (up to a size 24), and gives you looks for every occasion, from loungewear to date-wear. Boohoo’s styles aim to accentuate your incredible curves and put them on full display—wallflowers need not apply. The brand also offers every single thing you may need to finish off your look, from booties to accessories. This is really a one-stop-shop for plus-size women that will leave you shouting woohoo! As an added bonus, we love the price point!

Shop on Boohoo now. 


5. Forever 21

This brand is a fan-favourite for its dedication to a modern and trendy shopping experience for plus women. Forever 21 offers a super stylish collection of clothing in sizes 14 – 28. From dresses to purses and earrings, this place has it all. Find bold—but still wearable—fashion to elevate your wardrobe and accentuate your shape. 

 Shop on Forever 21 now. 



6. H&M Plus

H&M Plus is a must for all curvy women. This infamous brand offers the hottest items at the season at incredibly reasonable prices, making it easy to be your office trendsetter for less. Their plus section offers styles from starting at a 12 and up to 24. 



7. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is probably a brand you’ve heard of, but expect to be wowed by the brand’s recent offerings. It’s chic and effortlessly classy fashion that combines great quality and affordable prices. Serving up sizes from 14 – 28, you can grab a wide array of clothing options like swimwear and activewear, to cocktail dresses. This retailer really understands the modern plus-size woman. Its pieces are classy and edgy but not too bold, making it a great option to subtly show off your personal style at the office. But the crème de la crème is that the brand offers petite plus-size options too!



Toronto-based designer, Lesley Hampton, has really begun to make a name for herself in the Canadian fashion industry. With some styles up to a 4X, Lesley Hampton is the place to shop for luxury eveningwear and special occasions. Hampton is also a First Nations designer and so inclusivity is in the DNA of her brand as she strives to showcase diversity. As an added bonus, Hampton donates a portion of her profits to mental health and body positive initiatives. So though you might only purchase a piece or two because of the higher price point, you know that your purchase is doing some good and supporting a local Canadian. She’s quickly become a favourite of many Canadian celebrities like Roxy Earle, Cheryl Hickey and Margaret Trudeau.


9. Loft Plus

Starting at size 16 and going to 26, Loft Plus offers classic styles for your everyday style. These streamlined pieces are great for casual Friday at work or just a night out on the town.  Almost anyone—no matter their style—can find something to love at Loft Plus. Which makes it a trusted standby for any plus woman who loved to shop.



This shop offers styles you didn’t even know you wanted.  Its trend-focused pieces are offered from sizes 12 – 20, and Missguided+ offers a wide array of clothing, from the cutest party dresses to the perfect heels to compliment your look. Consider this shop a must for any bold fashion lover. The best part? They ship to Canada for only $5!

Shop on missguided+ now. 



11. Old Navy Plus

As a fan favourite for many women, Old Navy Plus offers styles from sizes 16 to 30. They have this uncanny ability to combine comfort with fashion, making them perfect for us curvy gals. Their styles are feminine chic and make sitting at a desk all day both comfortable and stylish.


12. Penningtons

Penningtons is a Canadian plus-size fashion leader showcasing the curves of every woman. They are committed to advocating for body diversity and size acceptance with style. To empower women to embrace fashion as a form of self-celebration.

Shop on Pennington’s now.



13. Zaful

Zaful, is your one-stop online shop for today's most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Till now, you can receive ZAFUL products from over 260 different countries. Also, more self-operated shipping lines are opening up to shorten your waiting time and deliver a more guaranteed service. 


14. Violeta by Mango

This is hands down the best spot to get quality pieces for the office that are both mature and professional. Violeta, the plus-size shop from Mango, sizes from 10 – 18, expect to find minimalistic chic pieces that are perfect for your everyday style.




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The Best Plus Size Fashion Stores to Shop Online