The value of a good tailor—and other style advice

The value of a good tailor—and other style advice

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The value of a good tailor—and other style advice

From cold showers to the best must-have products, here's our best fashion and beauty advice.

The most fashionable people know how to mix old and new. Anyone can swipe plastic at a department store, but it takes a strong sense of style—and creativity—to score a treasure at a vintage or thrift shop. Try this approach to building an outfit: Pick one key vintage piece (when shopping, look for intricate beadwork, embroidery and luxurious materials) and pair it with newer items in your closet. That rare vintage find will get you tons of compliments, trust me!

The cooldown

Hot showers may feel great, but they're a real bummer for your skin and hair. They strip away skin's natural defences against dryness and irritants and can weaken hair and make it susceptible to breakage. Lukewarm water, on the other hand, leaves skin hydrated, while cool water helps to close the hair cuticle so tresses look shiny.

Want more hair advice? Here's how to get your best hair ever.

Need for speed

"When I have to be fast, I skip traditional eyeshadow and use a shadow stick instead. It blends seamlessly, looks flawless and there isn't any powder fallout... A lifesaver!" - Jodi Urichuk, hair and makeup artist

Tailor made

If you've ever fallen in love with an almost-perfect item of clothing, you know the value or a good tailor—a hemmed pant leg or nipped-in waist can upgrade an entire outfit. But some fixes are easier than others: It's best to buy a coat or blazer that fits properly at the shoulders and then hem the sleeves if necessary. Even with a good tailor, taking in a shoulder seam can be risky.

Tip to toe

Not sure how to ground an outfit? Take a modern approach to pairing and juxtapose styles. If you want to show off your bare legs with a hem that hits midthigh or higher, go for a chunky heel. If the base of your outfit has an obvious masculine look (wide-legged trouser, cargo pant or cuffed jean), opt for a dainty heel.

Tools of the trade

1. Teardrop-shaped sponge

Use it to blend foundation, cream blush or highlighter by lightly bouncing the sponge across skin—the pros call this technique stippling. 


The Original Beautyblender, $28,

2. Basic Black Strappy Heel

The ultimate go-to shoe, it can pull together any outfit and add sophistication.


Suede ankle-strap shoes, $135,

3. Good-Quality Blow-Dryer

Look for a lightweight one that is easy to use and gives you plenty of heat and control settings.


T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i, $320,




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The value of a good tailor—and other style advice