Top 5 colour trends for fall

Top 5 colour trends for fall

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Top 5 colour trends for fall

As the days grow shorter and the temperature begins to drop, it’s tempting to shun bright and bold colours in favour of dark and drab hues. This year, however, autumn has already established itself as a vibrant and exciting season, and thanks to its bright colours, deep tones and head-turning accents the last word we’ll be using to describe fall 2012 is "neutral".

To better understand fall’s colourful palette, we spoke with stylist Riley Lawson, who gave us the scoop on the season’s biggest tones and how to adapt them to your wardrobe. From pale pinks to deep reds – and even pops of metallic gold – there’s something this season for everyone.

1. Tangerine
If you’re sick of tangerine you’re out of luck, because it’s not going away just yet – although it is getting a makeover.

"Tangerine is the colour of the year," says Lawson, "but for autumn it will fall more into the rust family."  Fall often sees a repetition of spring and summer colours, but in deeper, more jewel-toned variations, she explains.

Lawson suggests pairing the new rusty orange hues with dark grey or black. "You don’t necessarily have to wear colour in clothing," she says. "If you do an accessory in tangerine and wear it with grey, black or white, you can still make the trend work for you."

So if tangerine is out of your comfort zone (or you’re just bored with it), use black or grey as an anchor and consider donning a tangerine scarf, bag or even makeup.

2. Burgundy
Piggybacking on the rust trend are shades of burgundy, a colour Lawson says will be everywhere this fall. "I’ve seen lots of that red paired with ultramarine green," she reveals. "They’re total opposites, but are paired with each other because they’re complementary."

This is one way you can take colour-blocking into autumn. Since these shades are nice and deep you won’t come off as bright or vibrant as you would in the spring or summer. Lawson also recommends sporting this rusty red in a printed leather jacket or skirt – especially since leather has established itself as a must-wear for fall 2012.

Page 1 of 2 -- Discover three more great fall colour trends on page 2. 3. Pale pink and muted nude
Fall’s retro femininity is represented in what Lawson calls the season’s "girly colours" – pale pinks and muted nudes. The hues become less feminine when used in menswear-inspired pieces.

"There’s been a feminine resurgence, but the looks are all in masculine shapes," she notes. "There’s a good balance with the shapes they’re using this fall."

To combine both trends, Lawson suggests donning a nude button-up or pale pink trousers and accenting them with heavy, commanding jewelry. You can also adopt a classically feminine esthetic by pairing a pink top with a dark pencil skirt and printed heels.

4. Ultramarine
A change from the season’s deep, warm tones, ultramarine is fall’s token bright.  "Jewel tones for the most part are a little darker, but this year they’ve brightened up a bit," says Lawson. "Ultramarine is definitely everywhere – and not that forest hunter green, this colour has more blue in it."

Pairing ultramarine with shades that offer a hint of another blue is another fresh way to use colour-blocking this season – or to at least offer a reprieve from the traditional neutrals hanging in your closet. A beaded ultramarine tank under a navy blue blazer is a great way to create a look with depth. If you’d rather use the hue as an accent, think ultramarine bangles or a vivid blue statement necklace.

5. Gold
Gold may be branded as hardware, but Lawson insists it has a place in fashion’s colour spectrum this season. "You’re going to see a lot of metallics with black," she explains. "Look for gold detailing on a black bag or on black shoes – not necessarily in clothing, but for accessory trends this fall."

While Lawson says gold will mainly be used as an accent, its prevalence proves its worth. "An all-black outfit and a bag with a little gold on it paired with a couple of gold bracelets looks great," she elaborates. "That’s the biggest way to wear the trend and not go overboard."

Look to these five fresh tones to keep your wardrobe dynamic and vibrant, and to offer a reprieve from neutrals and basic black this season. Fall doesn’t have to be boring.

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Top 5 colour trends for fall