Top 6 habits of highly stylish women

Top 6 habits of highly stylish women

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Top 6 habits of highly stylish women

Ever wonder how certain women just seem to ooze style? There are several traits these women share that contribute to their ability to always look fabulous. We wanted to look into a few of those traits and share some simple ways to incorporate them into your daily life.

To learn more about how to adopt the habits of perpetually stylish women we turned to Vicky Oliver, the author of The Millionaire's Handbook: How to Look and Act Like a Millionaire Even If You're Not (Skyhorse, 2011).

She shares some of the attributes that stylish women have in common -- and how to adopt them yourself.

1. A careful attention to grooming
Being well groomed is the first step toward achieving a more pulled-together look. For example, Oliver notes that stylish women tend to have fewer bad hair days than most other women.

"This is because getting one's hair just so is a huge priority," she says. "The colour, cut, texture and movement of the hair all work together to frame the face."

This eye for detail also extends to nails, clothing and accessories. "Stylish women run a critical eye down their entire exterior every morning to make sure that hems are not frayed and handbags are not in need of polish," says Oliver. "Grooming is not an afterthought in their minds, and it shows."

2. A tendency to embrace the classics
Following trends is fun, but when it comes to true style it's the classics that win out. "Style is not about following the fashions and trends. True style transcends fashion," says Oliver.

Stylish women assess their positive attributes as well as their flaws, and the clothes they choose aren't about keeping up with the latest must-haves. Instead, they buy clothes that accentuate the positive and hide the negative, Oliver explains. "Trends are only used as accent points, rather than dominating entire outfits," she says.

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3. Great posture
It's not just the clothes that are important -- it's how you wear them, says Oliver. "Stylish women know that clothes drape better over properly aligned bodies that walk tall," she explains.

"As a result, the world's most stylish women tend to look like they are quite a bit taller than they actually are," she says. "With heads erect and shoulders back, stylish women have a commanding presence that cannot be denied."

Take note of your posture as you walk or stand. Every time you feel yourself slouching, make a point of readjusting and standing up straight.

4. One signature piece
Stylish women opt for one focal point that pulls their look together rather than sporting several competing pieces.

"Less is more when it comes to jewelry and makeup," says Oliver. "Stylish women recognize that the eye can only take in so many competing items, colours and textures at a time. So there is a tendency to pare down and only display one prominent item at a time," she explains.

"With jewelry, it's about choosing a great necklace or a bracelet, rarely both," she says. "When it comes to makeup, accentuate either the lips or the eyes, not both."

5. Superb manners
Impeccable makeup and the ability to put together a stunning outfit aren't the only keys to looking like a million dollars. Demeanour also plays a role.

"Stylish women receive a lot of attention because they look so sensational. But with all of that attention comes a certain responsibility," says Oliver. "Stylish women learn how to make others feel at ease, whether those people are waiting on them in restaurants, opening doors for them, hailing cabs for them or happen to be the CEOs of the companies where they work."

6. A loyalty to one designer
Knowing what looks good on you is a big step toward cultivating a look that is always polished. One way to do this is by figuring out the brands and designers that work best on your body.

"Stylish women choose one designer whom they feel understands them from the curve of their bodies to the length of their necks," explains Oliver. "Once these style icons have found their designer, they will be loyal to him or her for life -- as long as the designer keeps creating the clothing and shoes that made the brand what it is. It's not uncommon to find six or seven outfits by the same designer in a stylish woman's closet," she says.

You may not be stocking your closet with Chanel, but you can start to be more strategic about what you buy and stick with the brands that work best with your build.

Being stylish is about so much more than what you put in your closet. Paying attention to detail, embracing the classics and knowing what looks good on you -- and what does not -- all play an important role in creating a look that stands out.

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Top 6 habits of highly stylish women