Trend watch: 2012 fall and winter boots

Trend watch: 2012 fall and winter boots

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Trend watch: 2012 fall and winter boots

Unless moving to Florida for the cold seasons is a part of plan, fall and winter are an annual inevitability. While most of us find ourselves complaining about the cold by the time November rolls around, Canada's four seasons are part of what make our country so beautiful, don't you think?

Time for a wardrobe update

With the beauty of the ever-changing seasons comes the need to swap out our summer wardrobe to make room for warmer wear. Farewell flip-flips, bonjour boots! Karen Kwinter, Canadian Living's fashion and beauty editor-at-large, reveals what boots are on trend for fall and winter 2012.

"Cold and wintery weather always heralds the arrival of boots in our wardrobes," says Kwinter, "but for this upcoming season, boots are stronger than in seasons past." Here are four boot trends to look for this year.

1. Booties are king this season
"This fall, the king of boots is the bootie," says Kwinter. "Hitting generally just at, or slightly above, the ankle, the bootie has become a style mainstay," she explains

Whether you're comfortable in skyscraper-high stilettos or prefer something flat, this season's booties will offer something for everyone. No matter what type of clothing you have in your wardrobe, booties are flexible and can be easily worn with a variety of outfits.

"Originally conceived to be worn with trouser-style pants, the bootie is now a fashion statement that looks great with all skirt lengths and cropped pants," says Kwinter.

2. Knee-high, equestrian-inspired boots make a strong style statement

Tall boots are popular during fall and winter, and it's up to your own personal sense of style to determine just how high you like your boots to be, whether that's just below the knee or just over it. It's all about what you feel most comfortable wearing.

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3. Embellishments add something special to footwear
Hardware and other embellishments can take your boots from ho-hum to totally hot. 
"Watch for lots of extra metal details on both shoes and boots this season," says Kwinter. "One of the most modern looks is metal toe caps, but you'll also be seeing lots of oversized zippers, studs and spikes, and exaggerated buckles. Laces also give both shoes and boots an extra bit of style this season."

4. Rounded pointy toes are on trend
Toe shapes tend to change dramatically each season, making a sharply pointed toe, for example, seem completely passé just one short year later. This season, there will be a wide variety of toe styles available on boots, says Kwinter. 
"I recommend selecting a slightly rounded pointy toe for your shoe purchases this fall, so that you will get the most fashion mileage from your new footwear purchases in the future," she suggests.

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Trend watch: 2012 fall and winter boots