Wear the best fashion accessories for fall

Wear the best fashion accessories for fall

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Wear the best fashion accessories for fall

With the fall season upon us, we wanted to take a closer look at the accessories that everyone's buzzing about. From purses and scarves to tights and shoes, wardrobe stylist Alanna Davey gives us the ins and outs on what's hot, what's not and how to wear the latest looks for fall.

1. Sport a hot handbag
Clothes may be more streamlined and minimalist this autumn, but that doesn't mean bags and purses are following suit.

This season, multicoloured handbags with ornamental details are winners -- hardware, straps and splashy stitching details are elevating bags to new heights.

"When you carry a showstopper purse, keep your attire neutral and let the bag do the talking," says Davey. These purses are perfect for women who tend to wear a lot of black, as the bag becomes the fun, focal point of an outfit. These statement-making bags add a touch of playfulness to your outfit -- without the commitment of a head-to-toe trendy look.

2. Play up your neckline
Keep earrings and bracelets simple and opt for splashy pieces draped around your neck, such as scarves and bib- or collar-style necklaces. "I suggest a bib necklace or a silky infinity scarf," says Davey.

Bib necklaces -- which are wide and textured, and lie flat on the collarbone -- are best worn over high crewnecks.

"For outerwear, I am loving fur collars and really chunky knit scarves," says Davey. Fur collars are extremely versatile as they're interchangeable and can transition from your fall jacket to your winter coat.

3. Wear opaque tights
Sheer hosiery is taking a backseat to opaque tights this season. For office wear, you truly can't fail with classic black tights paired with your favourite skirt and high heels. If you're feeling adventurous, opaque tights are available in a range of colours as well.

"Colour blocking was big and the trend is not going away. However, we have moved away from bright primary colours toward more sophisticated jewel-toned stockings," Davey says. "Like the statement bag and necklace, coloured hosiery will also stand out, so keep your attire neutral for overall balance." Davey's personal take on this trend is "burgundy tights with a simple grey shift dress."

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4. Pick up some heeled loafers
In recent seasons we've seen menswear-inspired flats from brogues to oxfords, and this season's heeled loafer is an evolution of the trend.

Heeled loafers are a fabulous addition to any wardrobe as they maintain that smart menswear feel that's been so popular, but also add the femininity of a high heel.

"On the weekend, heeled loafers look great with a casual pair of jeans with rolled cuffs," says Davey. For the office, "pair them with a sleek pair of trousers."

5. Add feather details
Feather detailing is everywhere for fall 2011, and what better way to get in on the trend than with your accessories. Add a feather tassel to your handbag or wear feather earrings. Some hats, like fedoras, look great adorned with feather details. "Just remember to choose a neutral palette like black, taupe or beige to keep the look minimal and not costume-like."

Whatever your style sense, take advantage of the fun trends we're seeing in accessories this fall. Simple outfits with clean lines take well to punchy accessories -- and these pieces can really liven up outfits that you're feeling bored with.

Don't be afraid to try bold accessories such as bib necklaces, jazzy handbags or jewelry with fine-feathered details. At the end of the day, you want to have fun with your wardrobe and one of the quickest ways to achieve this is to try out exciting new accessory trends.

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Wear the best fashion accessories for fall