What Colour You Should Wear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Colour You Should Wear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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What Colour You Should Wear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which colour suits your zodiac's traits the most?

If you've ever read a horoscope, you know that zodiac signs are all different, and each sign has a specific colour that helps them unlock their best self and enhance positive vibrations.

These are the colours you should wear, according to your zodiac sign, to show off your personality:

Aries: Fiery red


Feisty, fiery, fierce Aries is a leader that's not afraid to stand out. Red is a bold choice while remaining a classic colour. Plus, it's especially trendy this season!

Taurus: Deep green


Although this sign is usually associated with being a homebody, it doesn't in any way mean being meek. In fact, a deep, jewel-toned green is as luxurious and soothing as a Taurus.

Gemini: Yellow


Bright and eccentric Geminis will shine (literally) in a bright yellow. Known for being social butterflies and usually the centre of attention, a Gemini will never shy away from making a statement.

Cancer: Blush


Cancer is ruled by the moon, making it one of the most sensitive and soft signs of the zodiac. A soft blush will help convey these traits.

Leo: Gold


Leos aren't afraid of take centre stage in everything they do. Illuminate your life by wearing gold and sparkles; you're bound to make a lasting impression!

Virgo: Navy


A Virgo's down-to-earth attitude and need for perfection is personified by a classic navy. This colour is assertive and screams seriousness.

Libra: Pink


Libra's fun and flirty personality simply requires them to wear pink. The most charming of the zodiacs, you'll attract all the attention in the room in this playful shade.

Scorpio: Black


Black is anything but boring and so are Scorpio. Characterized by your mysteriousness and ability to feel deeply, you simply stay on people's minds even after you're gone. Black will personify being an enigma. 

Sagittarius: Purple


Sagittarians are fun and adventurous, never ones to say no to fun times. A beautiful, regal purple is a great colour to show off your fun, outgoing personality.

Capricorn: Brown


Think of luxury and then think of a rich, deep chocolate brown; it's a match made in heaven. Serious, ambitious Capricorn can make this colour work for any occasion, from a casual coffee run to a romantic date night.

Aquarius: Turquoise


Known for being quirky and eccentric, Aquarians can pretty much pull off any colour, but we love turquoise for you. This magical, aquatic shade of blue is unexpected but unique, just like an Aquarius.

Pisces: Lavender


Soft and delicate, lavender was simply made to be worn by a Pisces. It's a marvel to look at, just as it's a marvel to get to know a person born under this sign.





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What Colour You Should Wear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign