Your complete spring denim guide

Your complete spring denim guide

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Your complete spring denim guide

Everything you need to know to buy denim for the new season ahead.


Denim is moving beyond a typical pair of jeans. Here are some new ways to wear the hardworking fabric.

1. Raw edge

Tough meets chic in the latest take on distressed denim. Sure, blown-out knees and randomly placed rips and tears are stick kicking it, but it's the unfinished hemlines that are making major waves.


Sweater, $78, Jeans, $278, Earrings, Bandana, Watch, Ring, Shoes, Image by: Genevieve Caron

2. Sole mates

Denim is the hottest material for accessories this spring.


Michael Michael Kors shoes, $148, Espadrille wedges, $200, Chambray flatform shoes, $95,

3. Mini works of art

Looking to add some flair to your jean jacket? The latest trend in accessories is enamel pins; some are grounded in pop culture, while others are original art.


Vest, $130, Emoji-heart pin, $12, O hai all-seeing-eye pin, $9.50, LLAP hand pin, $10, Eye pin and lipstick pin, $20 each, Gumball-machine pin, $8, Image by: Genevieve Caron

4. Denim skirt

The current jean-skirt styles have fresh updates with polished touches and an array of silhouettes. For a modern throwback to the '70s, try one with a middle slit and buttons down the front. 


Madewell skirt, $121, Shoes, Image by: Genevieve Caron

5. Patchwork

Customize your topper by ironing on some DIY patches—or opt for the quick-and-easy approach by purchasing a vest or jacket that's already decorated.


Jean jacket, $267, Image by: Genevieve Caron

6. Denim squared

Denim on denim has earned its right to be considered a modern-classic way of dressing. A good rule is to mix up your washes: Wear lighter denim on top, with darker on the bottom. The deeper shades helps create a slimming effect. 


Classic western shirt, $97, Michael Michael Kors jeans,$125, Bracelet, Belt, Image by: Genevieve Caron


This spring, no one style dominates. Choose from a wide range of silhouettes and cuts.

1. Short and sweet

Flood pants—with a flare—are back. This denim cut is a throwback to Jane Birkin, but today, keep the hemlines frayed, as it's the only amount of distressing you with this style.


Blouse, $70, Yoga jeans, $138, Earrings, Denim shoes, Image by: Genevieve Caron

2. Retro revival

The '70s silhouette enhances curves and helps elongate legs. Get maximum length by keeping hemlines long and wearing a platform heel—the trick is concealing your shoes.


Vest, $100, Sweater, $40, Jeans, $100, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt, Bag, Shoes, Image by: Genevieve Caron

3. Off the cuff

Cuffing your jeans isn't a new concept, but this season, the statement is bigger and bolder than the usual fold and roll we're accustomed to. The exaggerated look brings a bit of edge to any ensemble.


Jacket, $45, T-shirt, $15, 7 for all Mankind jeans, $298, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Earrings and bracelet, Sneakers, Image by: Genevieve Caron

4. Skinny dipping

It's hard to remember a time when skinny jeans weren't the standard in denim. The slim silhouette is still the shape du jour and can be found in just about every wash, colour, pattern and level of distress.


Jacket, $178, Top, $35, Jeans, $39, Bag, $50, Sandals, Image by: Genevieve Caron

5. Crop it to me

Wide-legged cropped denim is a new take on the trouser jean. Hems vary, but the most flattering length is about an inch above the ankle. Always pair the look with heels—the daintier the better.


Knit top, $60, Jeans, $110, earrings, cuff and clutch, Shoes, Image by: Genevieve Caron 




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Your complete spring denim guide