Herringbone Highlights: The New Trend for Grey Hair

Herringbone Highlights : The New Trend for Grey Hair

Herringbone Highlights: The New Trend for Grey Hair

Tired of going to the hairdresser to cover up your grey hair? Some colourists have discovered the perfect solution: Herringbone Highlights

The pandemic has forced some people who used to colour their hair regularly to just leave their natural hair colour to grow. Many have taken a liking to it, and are looking for ways to let their grey hair shine, without compromising on style.

Even in Hollywood, more and more actresses, especially blondes, are showing off their naturally bleached locks, and we love it! This is starting the trend of seasoned highlights, which not only make use of grey hair, but also enhance it.



According to many hairdressers, 2022 will be the year when we finally assume our natural colour. 

The principle of applying lighter highlights to the head in a herringbone pattern is not new. It allows to superimpose the different shades in a staggered way for a more natural and well blended result.

Where the technique breaks new ground is in incorporating natural grey and white hairs, as many stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker do.



These women don't have all white hair yet, but take a more gradual transition by blending in seasoned highlights at the roots that use the grey hair instead of hiding it. 

If you want to try this technique, ask your colourist for highlights in natural shades, some lighter, some deeper, that work well with your grey or white hair. 



Be sure to mix warm and cool tones in the different colours in irregular placements. Greys are not hidden by highlights, but rather used as one of the colours in the bright sweep. 

If your greys grow in a specific pattern, such as in strands that frame your face, your colourist can play with that. 



The goal is to create a custom colour that will be ideal for you, so the result will be unique and perfect just like you. By highlighting the natural shade, it also allows us to keep the colour longer without needing to touch up its growth.

This trend lends itself more easily to blondes, natural or dyed. However, it can be adapted for brunettes.

Those with dark hair can request lighter highlights strategically positioned to highlight the greys, but also emphasize that the colour is intentional. 

Give it a try!


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Herringbone Highlights: The New Trend for Grey Hair