Paper + Knife = Art

Hi friends,

After two months of devotedly knitting that striped sweater, I am within inches of finishing – and thoroughly fed up. Paper-cutting to the rescue! I sat down on Sunday night with Mailorder #10, some paper, and my good friend, the X-acto knife.


Mailorder #10 is a product of Amy Karol (whom you might know as Angry Chicken). It’s a PDF download (at a very reasonable price), and you get 4 papercut designs, loads of helpful tips, and a bonus recipe.


I think that something magical happens in my brain when I sit down to do this sort of careful work. The sharp knife, the tiny details, the concentration required…it’s a crafty escape hatch.


Sometimes craft projects require much forethought and planning, and sometimes they need to be spur-of-the-moment and instantly gratifying. This one was very much the latter, and so I just used things I had on hand. No fancy paper, just card stock; no spray adhesive, just double-sided tape. I did, however, have a frame on hand.


From card stock to framed artwork in under two hours: Mailorder #10 for the win!