David’s Tea shares the key to steeping a perfect cup of tea

David's-tea-steepers I had the pleasure of celebrating National Iced Tea day at David’s Tea on Tuesday night. I enjoyed tea cocktails and doughnuts while chatting with Kim Wiseman, head of store operations at David’s Tea.

As a lover of loose leaf tea, I had to ask her about the art of steeping the perfect cup of tea. Kim immediately pulled me over to the shelves to show me the secret to making a delicious cup of tea: a good steeper. Which makes sense, you can’t steep a good cup of tea without the right tools. Here are the steepers Kim recommends.

Kim swears by the David’s Tea mug, pictured above, which comes with an infuser. The great thing about this mug is the lid doubles as a coaster, so you can put your infuser on it. This is perfect for re-steeping your tea. And yes, there is nothing wrong with reusing your loose leaf to make another cup of tea!

The second way to steep your tea is with a tea filter. If you’re new to loose leaf, this is a great option because it’s just like a bag of tea. I personally love using the tea filters at work. I fill up all the bags with tea and then bring them to work. It’s less bulky then bringing the whole infuser and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the infuser after.


The final steeper Kim recommends is the teapot steeper, perfect for making tea for a big group of people. I think this teapot is magic because you let the tea steep and then you sit the steeper on your mug and it magically pours out!

This steeper is also great for making iced tea, you just pour your tea over some ice. The perfect summer drink!

Which tea steeping method do you use?

Photos courtesy of David’s Tea