Forgoing fast food

I have been hearing a lot lately about a group of Ontario high school students who have taken a pledge to avoid fast food for the month of November. The campaign, cleverly named Stick it to Fast Food, urges youth to make healthier choices when it’s time to eat. The site claims that to date, 9177 people have taken the pledge to not eat fast food for one whole month.


French fries: a fave fast food item for many people.


The Stick it to Fast Food website isn’t merely a place to take this pledge, but also a resourceful place where readers can learn more about healthy eating. The folks behind the campaign suggest a list of useful books, interesting films, healthy recipes, great websites, and fast food facts that will make you shudder. There are also fun, cheeky posters, logos and banners available for download.

I have to say, I am really impressed at the motivated group of students, along with Toronto design firm Key Gordon Communications, for putting this campaign together, and with everyone who has taken the pledge.

And November is the perfect time for such a campaign, coinciding with Diabetes Awareness Month.

I’m on board with the youth and taking the pledge to avoid fast food. And I hope this campaign inspires folks around the world.

Would you be willing to give up fast food?