Marilyn Denis, meet Canadian Living


Who doesn’t love a brilliant “before-and-after” makeover?

My “Weekend Updates” story in the September 2012 issue of Canadian Living. Photography by Ryan Brook/TC Media.


On Thursday, September 13, I’ll be dropping by the Marilyn Denis Show to share the secret behind this dramatic ombré dresser makeover. I’ll also be showing Marilyn how to transform ordinary ramie into a stunning striped sackcloth-style cushion cover, and how to elevate a host of other household items from “trad to rad” with just a lick (or two!) of paint.

I’m SUPAH-pumped, and would love it if you could join us either in the live studio audience (if tickets are still available, that is!), or from the comfort of your own home.

Until then, the small matter of choosing what to wear… Yikes!


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