Who’s inspiring me today?

This is what I did today:

I got up at 7 a.m. (15 minutes earlier) so I could wash my hair. (It looks nice, thank you, because I bothered to blow-dry it.)

I ate a healthy breakfast (Greek yogurt, yummy! fresh chunks of peaches and a little granola), which always makes me happy because then I didn’t have to get really hungry and go to the coffee shop for a high-fat midmorning muffin.

I cleared my inbox of 100 emails.

I set a trial date for a parking ticket.

I went to the bank at lunchtime.

I drank two litres of water. (I have been to the bathroom a lot).

I edited a short story.

I called my mom.

I read a poem about love.

I bought melatonin for my trip next week so I can sleep even with jet-lag.

I went for dinner with my friend (a girl’s gotta eat) and had a cocktail.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with my Friday :)

This is what Amber Thomas did today:

Amber Thomas won a medal today! Photo: Matthew Murnaghan/Canadian Paralympic Committee











It’s true.

Amber Thomas from Drayton Valley, Alta., won a silver medal for the Women’s 4oom Freestyle – S11 at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Amber was 10 when she completely lost her vision when a brain tumour was removed. She started swimming before she learned how to walk again after losing her sight.

Also, her Monday wasn’t bad, either. That’s when she broke one of the longest-standing Canadian swimming records in the books in a fifth-place finish in the Women’s S11 100m Breaststroke at The Games.

Amber wins the Best Friday Award.

How about you? Have you been following The Paralympic Games?