A day to appreciate…guns?

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As an editor, I get all kinds of press releases every day. Here’s one I received a few days ago.

True story. Some people have organized the first-ever Gun Appreciation Day today.

I don’t even know why I’m getting these emails. I must be on some crazy list. But that’s another post altogether. In any case, the website features memes you can share with friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social networks.

And that’s not all. There’s more! There’s a petition you can sign to send to the government, how to become a sponsor, view influential supporters, how to help them reach 50 million Americans and of course, a plea for financial support.

They are urging people to go to their local gun stores, shooting range or gun show to send a clear message to President Obama.

You know what I think? I think it’s dirty to put the word appreciation after the word gun. And to use a gun instead of the r in appreciation in the logo.

If appreciation means to recognize the quality, significance or magnitude of people and things; an expression of approval or gratitude; a recognition of values, then I’d like to share what I appreciate.

My country
Which includes Rick Mercer, Anne of Green Gables, Neil Young, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox, Steve Nash, Gretzky, Terry Fox, CBC, Leonard Cohen, Cirque de Soleil, Mike Myers, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Banff National Park, mountains everywhere in fact!, lakes, especially Lake Ontario because I live here, patios, amazing people, universal health care, maple syrup, amazing beer, and butter tarts.

People who don’t
Carry guns, that is, even if they can. If you hunt and kill an animal, that is one thing. But if you use a gun to kill a person, that is something else. If you take a human life, you can never undo it. An egg that has been scrambled can never be unscrambled. Even if you say sorry a hundred million times, you can never breathe life back into a body that is dead.

People trying to change it
Like President Obama, who is trying to curb gun violence in the United States through legislation. He wants Congress to implement mandatory background checks for everyone purchasing guns; he wants them to reinstate a ban on some assault-style weapons; ban high-capacity magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, and wants to crack down on the trafficking of illicit weapons. He also initiated 23 executive actions on gun violence that don’t need approval from Congress.

“I intend to use whatever weight this office holds to make them a reality,” Obama said. “If there’s even one thing that we can do to reduce this violence, if there’s even one life that can be saved, then we have an obligation to try…And I’m going to do my part.”

And kudos to people like artist Michael D’Antuono. When he heard that pro-gun activist Larry Ward was organizing Gun Appreiation Day on the weekend before a holiday that celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. and days before President Obama’s inauguration, he decided to do his part, too. “I highly doubt the parents who lost children appreciate Gun Appreciation Day,” he said.

So he decided on a special day, too: Gun Depreciation Day, Jan. 20, to combat gun violence across the U.S.A.

This is a day I can appreciate. What can I do? For starters, I’m going to tweet about it at #guncontrol. If you have anything to say, please, don’t hold back.

How about you? How do you feel about Gun Appreciation Day?