What moms really want for Mother’s Day + a special giveaway


I recently posted a question on our Facebook page about Mother’s Day asking moms what they really want this year to celebrate the occasion. While some answers shocked me, most of the responses seemed to highlight three main trends.

Moms want to spend more time with their adult children.
“I just want some quality time spent with my adult kids. Life is so busy for everyone, and I miss just “hanging out” with them and chatting about nothing.” – Denise

“For Mother’s Day I would like to enjoy and spend time with my 3 children and my 3 grandchildren, because they are what makes my life happy, complete and worth living.” – Patti

“I wish my 2 daughters and myself could get pedicures together and I get to pick the colour. I love spending time with my grown up baby girls. I like them as my children and my friends.” – Lorraine

Moms want to have work done — on their garage and cars!
“I want to have my vehicle detailed.” – Tricia and Kerry

“I’d like to have my garage cleaned, washed and repainted. A girl can dream.” – Fatima

“I want my car professionally cleaned. It is disgusting to the point of being embarrassing, and I’m overwhelmed at doing it myself. I want all the nooks and crannies cleaned and I don’t want to see a single dog hair or cheerio anywhere!” – Misty

Moms want homemade cards and thoughtful notes.
“A homemade card from both of my children would be the BEST.” – Jane

“Honestly I would love a nice bunch of flowers & cards made by my kids.” – Amanda

“My kids make pretty cards at school and usually make me “breakfast”. These are my special times.” – Jennifer

“I always ask for a note. I treasure them in my heart, and I keep them in a drawer in my office. There’s nothing like reading a card from your child. More precious then silver and gold.” – Nancy

“Letters written from my daughters telling me what the remember most about growing up and what have they learned from me that will make them good moms.” – Judi

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I also read some sweet comments that stood out to me. Simple yet thoughtful gestures of kindness and compassion that mean the world to others — not just to moms. One lady said she’s travelling to another province to spend the weekend with her mother (who is 90 years old). Another mentioned she’s spending the day at the movies with her son.

It’s no shock to know that the best gifts aren’t gifts at all — they’re experiences; quality time spent together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

So my advice to anyone stressing about finding the ‘perfect’ gift for Mom this mother’s day is to keep it simple. Think of the person your mother is and about what would make her happy. And if you’re not geographically located close to her, just remember — a phone call goes a long way. And telling her how much she means to you will go even further.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, here are some tips to help you choose a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day.

In honour of moms around the world, we’d like to know:
What’s the best advice you’ve received from your mother that you still use today?

Please share your answer with us in the comments section, below, and you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win our special prize from Shiseido.

**Contest closes Tuesday, April 30, 2013, at 12:00 p.m. (EST). You can enter once only. You’re eligible only if you live in Canada and are of the age of majority in the province/territory you live in. Not open to any TC Media employees or the people they live with. The winner will be announced here on May 1, 2013.**


Thank you to everyone who participated in our special Mother’s Day giveaway. We enjoyed reading all your comments and words of wisdom from your mums.

Our winning entry is from Darnell Pitasio, who said: “To this day I find my self telling my family….what my mother would remind me of every single day….NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! Never judge unless you have walked in that persons shoes. I find myself reciting this phrase to my 16 year old daughter on a regular basis. I love you mom xox”

Thanks for sharing your comment, Darnell. We will be in touch with you shortly about claiming your prize.