Kate Middleton's 'mummy tummy' is normal. Thanks for asking.

I too was glad to see Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wearing a dress that showed off her post-baby belly. (Coverage we loved: Leave Kate Alone (Embrace the Chaos), Here’s the first footage of the royal baby (Jezebel; warning, some strong language))

I had a child-free friend ask me if that’s normal. Yes, it is.

Although the uterus contracts during labour (that’s what detaches the placenta, in case you are really interested), it still has a ways to go to get back to its normal shape — and no, there is no workout for one’s uterus beyond, you know, labour. Also, the baby has moved major organs around in there and they have to go back. In addition, women’s blood volume increases during pregnancy. And likely a pregnant mom did gain a bit of fat, because her body might need the stores and nature is cool that way. And finally: A whole human being grew in there, relax already.


What is not normal is Kate Middleton’s hair, but we knew that. I’d have a stylist too.

We really need to cut out the obsession with weight and women being as sexy moments after labour as they were before.* I will be frank and say that for myself, yes of course I wanted to get back to my normal self and I am one hundred per cent in favour of women dressing and working out to present the image that they themselves want to portray. But seriously: It’s fine. Go Kate.

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What surprised you the most after you gave birth?

* That reminds me of this Chrysler ad about virility and the way it really looks.

(Thumbnail: Courtesy Carfax2 via Wikimedia Commons)