5 first day of school traditions

The first day of school for my boys is  September 3, so I am currently getting prepared for the new school year.  I like to make sure I am as organized as possible by setting up a monthly calendar, getting my school shopping done early, figuring out some “go to” lunch ideas and starting to establish proper sleep schedules as soon as possible.

I also like to get organized early so that I can make the first day special.  In our house, we have 5 first day of school traditions.

1)  We start the day with a special pancake breakfast (complete with a wine glass filled with milk).  I think this year I might treat the boys to chocolate chip pancakes.  I found a great recipe from Canadian Living here.

2)  We like to take some special “first day of school pictures”. We always take a picture of the boys holding a photo from the year before. (They think it is super fun to watch themselves growing up in this way.)  I also plan on taking some pictures with the fun first day of school printables I found here.

3)  My boys bring a simple handmade card or gift for their new teacher each year.

4)  My boys bring a little treat for their new classmates.  A new class is a big deal for little ones, so it is a fun way to make the first day feel special.

5)  At the end of the day, we have a special treat together at the kitchen table. The boys love it, and it provides me with the perfect opportunity to ask them questions about their day.

How do you prepare for, and celebrate, the first day of school?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)