An ode to autumn

Our Test Kitchen’s Classic Apple Pie. Photography by Ryan Szulc.

Last week, the Canadian Living office had a frozen yogurt party. In the words of one of our teammates, “There ain’t no party like a FroYo party.” Yogen Früz delivered—yep they deliver now—an assortment of flavours and fun toppings for us to try. It was such an awesome afternoon treat!

As we all gave ourselves brain freeze while indulging in a variety of delicious flavours, I realized this would probably be the last time I’d enjoy any type of cold dessert for a while. That familiar chill is in the air, which means summer is over and fall is finally here!

Autumn has always been my favourite time of the year, in part because my birthday falls on the first day of this beautiful season. But that’s just one of the many reasons why I adore it. Here are some more:

For me, the best part about fall is the clothes. This morning I left the house in my riding boots, topped with a cosy sweater and an even cosier scarf. Nothing completes a fall outfit better than an artfully tied scarf around your neck, don’t you agree?

My favourite fall clothing item is a pair of warm socks. In my house I’m known as a sock thief. If you have a pair of fuzzy socks, I will probably steal them because I love having toasty toes. But for the last few months my beloved socks have been sitting in a drawer. Thankfully the cool weather has finally arrived and I’ve been showing my socks some serious love. Plus, on Sunday, at the Emmys, Sofia Vergara said she can’t sleep without socks, making socks, in my opinion, the must-have item for fall.

Once I’m all bundled up, there is no place I’d rather be during the harvest season than in an apple orchard. I hadn’t been apple picking since I was a kid, but last year a bunch of my friends and I decided to go. We were the only adults there without children, but we didn’t care. We went on the hayrides and scoured the orchard for the best apples. Then we indulged in hot apple cider and apple pie. A perfect day to celebrate the joys of the season.

Baking and comfort recipes
From cobblers and pies to crisps and strudels, autumn is the perfect time to bake warm and delicious seasonal treats. This year I am going to make my first pumpkin pie—actually it’s the first pie I’ve ever made. Knowing me, this could end in disaster, but I’m excited to get into the spirit of fall. Plus, I heard if you bake the pie, then it’s totally acceptable to eat it for breakfast.

This weekend I’m also planning to cook up some soups, which I plan to eat while bundled up in front of the fire. I think I’m going to start with a butternut squash soup— it just seems so comforting to me.

Earlier this month we asked our Facebook friends what they were looking forward to most about autumn. Here are some of our favourite answers.

“Sweaters and stews.” — Elizabeth W.

“Putting pumpkin in so many meals.” — Conni C.

“For me it’s the pure beauty of nature…the fall colours, walking in the woods with fallen leaves on the ground, the cool crispness of the air.” — Michelle B.

“Falling in love with my husband again. We met/fell in love 14 autumns ago and the feel of fall always reminds me of that special time.”  — Jessica B.G.

“Raking leaves and jumping in them with my 3 year old.”  — Kimberley B.

How about you? What’s making you smile this autumn?