What to do on a rainy Halloween

This Glowing Jelly Monster costume features a clear umbrella, so you're halfway there on a rainy Halloween. Photography by Donna Griffith.

“It could be a monsoon and we’d still be going out,” says fellow mom and Senior Features Editor Robin Stevenson. I agree, Halloween is the one day of the year you can’t let wet, blustery weather stop you from being outside. So what should you do on a rainy Halloween?

1. Get over yourself. Your kids don’t care that it’s raining, or even hailing snowballs, so don’t be a drag. You’re going out. Alternative: Pay off a younger and more energetic family member to take the kids around using beer and pizza and Halloween candy as a bribe. This works especially well with the just-out-of-university crowd. They are young enough that they yearn for the trick-or-treating days, they’re broke and thus they’re always down for pizza, drinks and junk food.

2. Buy a few clear umbrellas clear ponchos. You’re a parent. You always need extra umbrellas. Next year, you can use that clear umbrella as part of the Glowing Jelly Monster costume, above, and the instructions are here. And ponchos come in handy too.

3. Wear your rain boots. Why don’t you have a pair of rain boots? This is an excuse to go and buy a pair. And once you own proper rain boots you’ll wonder why you never bought them earlier.

4. Go to fewer houses. Every kid has a different sogginess saturation point, so maybe you’ll be lucky and your kids will call it quits after ten houses.

How have you dealt with rainy weather on Halloween?