5 things Kate Middleton can't do that other moms can

Here is Duchess Kate carrying shopping bags on Kings Road on October 25th. In contrast to her elegant hatinator and crisp coat dress from Prince George’s christening, she’s cutting quite a casual figure, no? However, I must ask, did you ever look this pulled together for a shopping trip when you had an infant at home? Where are the barf stains? How is she able to wear dangly earrings? I don’t know about you, but I don’t envy her because she’s not able to do these 5 things that the rest of us moms take for granted:

1. Leave the house without makeup on. Even here the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have on a little bit of makeup. During my entire maternity leave I only put makeup on if I really had to, like, if I thought I would scare people if I didn’t.

2. Push a stroller around the streets. Meandering about town while pushing a baby in a stroller, or pram or pushchair as they are called, is one of life’s innocent pleasures. I loved it. We haven’t seen Kate and Will do this yet, because I’m sure there are a thousand security reasons why they shouldn’t.

3. Wear yoga pants to the grocery store. Yoga pants are essential to being a new mom. I thought I would be too stylish to wear yoga pants in public after I had a baby. This was not so.

4. Get all hormonal and yell at people. Did you ever have any experience with your new baby where you thought you were going to kill someone for endangering either of you? Or maybe someone out in public was just rubbing you the wrong way for too long? We can yell, Kate can’t.

5. Walk around with greasy hair. We’ve all done this, right? Well, let’s remember that Kate had her hair done by her stylist while she was still in the hospital after giving birth to Prince George. I don’t wish I had a hair stylist on call though, because one thing you earn as a mom is the right to go out of the house with dirty hair, at least once in a while.

She does however wear running shoes (see above), sport a ponytail, and carry her own bags (even though she had a guard with her), so in that regard, she really is like the rest of us.

Photo credit: XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM via Keystone Press.


(On the flip side, here’s one thing that Kate Middleton can do that the rest of us moms probably can’t. She can play volleyball in wedge heels.)