Canadians still struggling financially

Only one in three Canadians paid down debt or saved for retirement in 2013

If, at the beginning of 2013, you resolved to get your finances in order, chances are you didn’t succeed. A new Ipsos Reid survey has found that 57 percent of Canadians say they’re in no better shape financially than they were one year ago.

Women and seniors experienced the least success, with 61 percent revealing their money matters are the same or worse off than they were at this time last year. Quebecers also had a difficult year: The province came in six points above the national average, with 63 percent saying they haven’t added to personal wealth since 2012.

Of the fiscal improvements made by a minority of Canadians, household debt management and RRSP contributions were the most common steps taken. Not paying into a retirement fund? You’re not alone. It turns out only one in three Canadians has made contributions to an RRSP.

But, keep in mind, it’s never too late to start saving. If finances are on your agenda for 2014’s New Year’s resolutions, Sun Life Financial—which commissioned the annual survey— offers Canadians the following tips for improving their financial forecast.

1. Build a financial plan.
2. Pay down household debt.
3. Contribute to an RRSP.
4. Meet with a financial adviser to help you balance your books.
5. Consider your options for a pension plan.

You can also consult our handy year-end financial checklist here.

Photo courtesy FlickrCC/GoodNCrazy