A must-have travel accessory

Whether I’m travelling long or short distances, there’s one accessory that I simply can’t leave home without. No, it’s not Gravol or hand sanitizer (though I do require both), it’s a simple piece of cloth that saves my sanity.

Have you guessed what it is yet?


Why is a scarf the best travel accessory?

  • On a long flight, you can put a scarf over your head and it helps block out noise, unfortunate scents and bright lights.
  • A scarf doubles as a pillow (or a pillow cover) so you can rest at ease on a plane, train or ferry.
  • A scarf can also work as a blanket to keep you warm when they crank up air conditioning on a flight. This is also perfect for hot and cold climates because generally you can encounter hot/cold extremes going in and outdoors.
  • A scarf is perfect for covering up when you’re entering temples, churches or mosques.
  • Many hot locales can get chilly at night, so a fashionable scarf is the perfect layering accessory.
  • If you’re not staying at a fancy resort that provides towels for the beach or you’re backpacking, a scarf does double-duty as a beach blanket and a towel.

Check out this video for the many ways to wear the Lululemon Vinyasa scarf and get inspired before your own travels.

What’s your #1 travel accessory?

Photography courtesy of thinkstockphoto.ca