How far would you go to remove stretch marks?


Kim Kardashian was in the news this week after she got laser surgery done on her breasts. The reality star resorted to laser surgery because she wanted to minimize her pregnancy stretch marks.

Stretch marks are an inevitable part of pregnancy, with most moms having stretch marks on their stomachs and breasts because the skin has stretched. I’ve heard lot of crazy celebrity stories about how they got their stomachs to bounce back after babyJessica Alba wore two corsets. But I’ve never heard a celebrity talk about how they got rid of their stretch marks.

Laser surgery seems a bit extreme to me. It can be incredibly expensivewe’re talking about thousands of dollars on a process that won’t even completely remove your stretch marks. But more than that, I would worry about how safe it is to have laser surgery while breastfeeding.

I know for many women, their stretch marks make them cringe. And I won’t lie, I’m very vain and will try every cream out there to minimize my imperfections. But I’m not willing to resort to surgery. Would you?

How did you minimize your stretch marks?

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons