3 Canadian dream wedding destinations


Today, we’re turning things over to our intern, Radina Vencheva:

Choosing your wedding destination can be tough. Added pressure from family and friends about where you should host the wedding can make what should be a happy experience quite stressful. But remember, it’s all about you and your special someone, so don’t lose focus.

To help, we’ve taken our country’s diverse landscape into account and put together a list of three Canadian destinations to consider from coast to coast, depending on the style and theme of your special day.

1. For adventure: If you enjoy excitement and want something different and unique on your special day, consider heading to a destination in the mountains. Not only will you be surrounded by beautiful greenery and nature, the fresh air will make you feel reborn and energized. And luckily, the Canadian Rockies provide all that and so much more. In British Columbia, there are plenty of beautiful resorts and outdoor destinations to consider.

In Southern B.C., Vancouver lends itself as the perfect setting and backdrop for a picturesque wedding, while still offering the comforts of city life. If you look around and plan ahead, you can also snag a pretty good deal with some of the resorts. And if you’re really keen on outdoor Canadian splendour, consider packing up and heading to Northern B.C.’s stunning wilderness.

2. For relaxation: What’s more relaxing than the beach? If you’re going for an unforgettable and whimsical wedding experience that won’t cost as much as a trip to Hawaii, consider Prince Edward Island. A treasured Canadian gem, P.E.I’s white and red sand beaches are a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. Imagine that — you get to enjoy a fantastic ocean scene without leaving the country.

3. For comfort: If you’re a city-friendly couple and want to feel at home on your wedding day, consider not straying too far from home and look for options in your own neighbourhood. Cities are vibrant, rich in history and offer many options in terms of venues. Another upside is that it will be convenient for your guests to travel and find their own accommodations.

Canadian cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton are amazing for weddings because there’s plenty to see and experience, and if it it’s your hometown, it only makes it that much more romantic because you’re surrounded by such familiarity. Don’t you think?

What’s your ideal wedding destination?

Image courtesy of drgillybean/FlickrCC

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