Earth Hour: how do you spend it?

earth hour This Saturday, millions of people across the world will switch lights off for an hour at 8:30 pm – to raise awareness for the planet.

In past years, we’ve lit a few candles and played boardgames or told spooky stories. My kids look forward to that hour. It’s a great way to spend some uninterrupted time together. The darkness adds an element of spooktacular fun.

I was curious to know how others spend Earth hour so I took an informal poll.

Here are some of the responses…

Our kids’ friends come over and we all play hide and go seek in the dark (w/flashlights) – it’s become a tradition :-)/via twitter @lrgfamilytravel

My kids head straight for the bath tub. They LOVE “Candle Light Bath”/Aurelie 

For the last few years my daughter was already asleep by 8:30, so while she knew what earth hour was, it didn’t really mean anything to her because she didn’t see what was happening.
This year she’ll likely be the one turning out all the light and we’ll play cards by flashlight./Robin 

I usually light a bunch of candles and read by candlelight—very romantic!/Alyssa 

I look out my darkened window and get mad at all the houses with lights on./Day 

How do you spend Earth Hour?