Create curb appeal with home tips from Amanda Forrest


Although it’s the default design in subdivisions across the country, the “snout” home – in which the garage juts out toward the street, hogging all the attention – presents a major design dilemma. Amanda Forrest of CTV's "The Marilyn Denis Show" shares four ways to enhance the curb appeal of this particular offender.
Create curb appeal with home tips from Amanda Forrest

House photo by Mary Cuskelly

Location: Calgary

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Amanda Forrest, “The Marilyn Denis Show,” CTV

1. Solve the snout dilemma

“The old approach was to paint the garage door the same colour as the house in order to make it disappear,” says Forrest. “Now we’re seeing a trend in esthetically pleasing garage doors, and this is the perfect opportunity to show one off.” As befits a major focal point, Forrest suggests splurging on a model that boasts design details such as handsome windows and hardware, and a bold colour – but not too bold! “Exterior paint colours should always be pulled from nature,” she says. “They don’t date as quickly as other colours.” A pair of pretty lanterns hung on either side of the garage door, and a complementary pendant at the front door would be perfect finishing touches.

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Progress Lighting domino collection textured black one-light wall lantern, $156,

2. Paint the pillars
“Those pillars flanking the front windows are very bossy,” Forrest says. As an alternative solution to costly removal or remodelling, she recommends camouflaging them with paint, taking a colour cue from the new garage door. “Instead of your eye being drawn to the pillars, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the exterior as a whole,” she says.

3. Clad the gables
The next item on Forrest’s fix-it list? Those awkward gables over the two front windows. She suggests cladding the space between the top of the window frame and the peaked roof with cedar shakes, again painted the same colour as the pillars and garage door. This will add another layer of texture to the façade without detracting from the new cohesive look.

4. Warm up the welcome
Forrest says the parking pad will gleam like new after a professional cleaning and will be better defined when flanked with a pair of potted evergreens. To glam up the pathway to the front entrance, she would replace the existing slab with a graceful curve of stamped concrete and give the gloomy front door a brilliant coat of Benjamin Moore Silver Satin OC-26.

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