DIY dyed sheepskin rug

Make a cosy sheepskin rug your own by dyeing it a colour that complements your decor.

Dye your own rug
Photography by Ryan Brook/TC Media
Getting out of bed seems a lot more glamorous when the first thing you feel underfoot is a plush sheepskin rug. Make this cosy cabin staple uniquely yours by dyeing it a colour that complements your decor.

To dye your own sheepskin rug you'll need: 
Fabric dye (such as Rit powdered dye)
Rubber gloves
Large bucket, sink basin or bathtub

To make:
1. Rinse sheepskin under running water until fully saturated.

2. Wearing rubber gloves and following manufacturer’s instructions, prepare dye bath in bucket. Immerse sheepskin in dye bath; mix frequently with gloved hands for 1 hour to ensure dye penetrates all fibres.

3. Rinse sheepskin until water runs clear; gently squeeze (don’t wring) to remove excess water. Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

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This story was originally titled "Go North!" in the July 2013 issue.

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