DIY project: Make your own pallet wall planter

Want to add more green to your yard but are short on space? No problem -- Learn how to fill a wall with plants using this rustic, vertical pallet planter.

Create your own green wall
If you're restricted in terms of space, but yearn for a spot of greenery, then a wall planter is an efficient way to add some plants without taking up too much room. Instead of growing plants conventionally, vertical planting allows you to grow upward and gives plenty of scope for creative planting ideas.

"Green walls" are getting more and more popular, as people look for more eco-friendly ways to garden and utilize space. The world's largest green wall, known as the Bio-Lung, was unveiled at the World Expo 2005 in Japan. At 480ft (150m) long, 50ft (15m) high, and containing a total of 200,000 plants made up of 200 different species, it was a representation of how plants can act as the lungs of a city. Green walls help reduce pollution and rainwater run-off, as well as effectively insulating buildings and providing a habitat for wildlife.

Create your own green wall
You can cover walls with a living green blanket, either by growing plants on lightweight structures or on ready-planted wall panels that include a water supply for keeping the plants hydrated and blossoming. There are also smaller modular systems available that can be used to grow vegetables and herbs, as long as they are well irrigated. Although you can buy vertical planters from specialty suppliers, it's easy to make your own using reclaimed materials such as this wooden pallet. You may want to stain or paint the pallet first, but remember that it won't then be suitable for growing edibles. I have planted heathers in beautiful shades of pink and purple in this pallet.

Take a look at a larger image of the finished pallet wall planter.

What you need
• Good-quality wooden pallet (painting or staining optional)
• Landscape material
• Pair of scissors
• Large stapler
• 2 large bags of potting mix
• 12 heather plants (using a mixture of green ericas and purple callunas)

1. First you will need to cover the bottom, back, and sides of the pallet with the landscape material. Lay out the material and wrap it across the back of the pallet from one side to the other. Do this twice so that you have a double layer. Cut away the excess side, but make sure that you leave a flap of material to cover over the bottom end, which will eventually become the base of the pallet.

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