Home organizing tips for the 8 messiest rooms in your house

Organize the most chaotic rooms in your home with these expert tips. Plus, discover 11 stylish organizing products we can't stop talking about.

By Natalie Bahadur

How to organize your home office and kitchen
Clutter control is a problem many of us face. We'd like our homes to be neater and more organized, but with so many other, more pressing, demands competing for our time, it can be difficult to make this a priority. And so we continue on in our regular patterns, never really addressing the problem or finding a solution.

"The most common organizing issues for Canadian families are lack of space, lack of organizing systems, lack of planning, lack of time and too much paper," says Estelle Gee, director of Orderly Lives, a home management service in the Greater Toronto Area. "There are really two major steps in tackling any clutter problems: The first is to determine your organizing goals and the second is to change everyday habits."

Clear clutter and reduce stress
Solving the clutter problem can have myriad benefits. Gee cites reduction of stress, better family interaction, improved health and greater connection to family and friends as the foremost advantages. "You'd be surprised how many clients haven't entertained in years because of their cluttered homes," she says. "That's sad. When you consider that 40 per cent of the time we spend on housework is in dealing with clutter, think of all the time you'll save by clearing your home of unwanted stuff."

Not sure where to start? Gee offers the following tips to help you pull yourself (and your home) out from under the mess.

Tips for clearing clutter hotspots
Home office: If possible, have sufficient storage for books (such as tall bookcases), office supplies (bins and baskets in a closed storage unit) and an L-shaped desk. Drawers should have internal dividers such as Rubbermaid interlocking drawer organizers.

Kitchen cupboards and countertops: Inside cupboards, double your usable space with shelf extenders. Use dividers inside drawers, and clear storage containers for dry foods. Create a paper management system, such as a file box or drawer, to keep the counter clear.

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