How to make your own soap dispenser

Make your own chic and inexpensive soap dispenser in just a few simple steps. 


How to make your own soap dispenser
No kitchen counterscape is complete without a soap and lotion set, but a pretty prepackaged duo can cost you upward of $30. This simple craft is a handsome homemade alternative.

Here's what you'll need
-2 mason jars
-2 canning lids
-a drill
-2 pumps from a discarded soap dispenser
-waterproof silicone
-liquid soap or lotion
-ceramic tray (optional)

Step 1: Drill a hole through the lid of a canning jar.

Step 2: Insert the pump from a discarded dispenser.

Step 3: Seal the hole with waterproof silicone.

Step 4: Fill the jar with bulk liquid soap or lotion, then secure the lid with the jar's screw-top ring.

Step 5: For a chic finishing touch, display these country-style classics on a simple ceramic tray.

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This story was originally titled "Pump It Up" in the October 2013 issue.
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