Easy craft idea: Wine cork trivet

Do you have a collection of corks you're not sure how to recycle? Make this easy cork trivet to protect your table from hot dishes!

How to make a wine cork trivet
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Here's what to do with all those corks you collect from wine bottles. The best part? This wine cork trivet only takes about 10 minutes!

You can see a larger image of the trivet here!

6-inch (15 cm) square balsam board
6-inch (15 cm) square cork mat
4 6-inch (15 cm) long twigs
18 corks
Wood or craft glue

To make:
1. Glue balsam board to cork mat; let dry completely. Glue twigs along edge of balsam board, trimming to fit.

2. Glue corks onto balsam board (see photo); let dry completely.

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