How to make an easy Mother's Day card

Show Mom how much you love her with this supersized Mother's Day card.

By Carol Knowton-Dority

Materials, starting to make your card
Photography by Nancy Falconi
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You need:

• 30 x 45 cm (12- x 18-inch) piece white bristol board
• Tissue paper (light pink and dark pink, or desired colours)
• Green construction paper
• Curling ribbon (pink, green and yellow, or desired colours)
• Scissors, pencil and ruler
• Glue stick and invisible tape
• Fine-tip markers (pink, red and green, or desired colours)

Take a look at a larger image of the finished craft.

To make:

1. Matching short edges, fold bristol board carefully in half. Trim corners to round off. Set aside.

2. Cut two 12.5 x 40.5 cm (5- x 16-inch) strips from each shade of tissue paper (four strips total).

3. Place one strip tissue paper flat on work surface. Starting at bottom corner of one long side and working 5 cm (2 inches) at a time, carefully spread glue along edge. Place second strip of tissue paper on top; matching edges. Continue gluing layers together down length of strip. Repeat with remaining strips. All four strips will be glued
together along one long side.

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