Make a Remembrance Day poppy

Mark November 11 with an easy, kid-friendly poppy craft.

How to make a red poppy for Remembrance Day
As the years pass, it's too easy for us to forget about the sacrifices Canadians made during the two world wars.

If you're looking for information on how and why to mark Remembrance Day, check out the resources provided by the Royal Canadian Legion. Making this poppy is a good way to start the discussion.

You need:
• 1 sheet each (23 x 30 cm/9 x 12 inches) red and black construction paper
• 1 sheet (23 x 30 cm/9 x 12 inches) red crêpe paper
• Scrap black tissue paper
• 1 black pipe cleaner
• 60 cm/24 inches green curling ribbon
• Pencil, compass and ruler
• Scissors and glue stick
Petal detail template

Take a look at a larger photo of the finished poppy here.

To make:
1. Using pencil and compass, draw 23 cm (9-inch) circle on red construction paper and cut out. Trace circle onto crêpe paper; cut out.

2. Fold construction paper circle in half three times to make eighths. With pencil, mark a short arc across one corner to create petals. Cut along line; open up.

3. Fold crêpe paper circle in half twice to make quarters. With pencil, mark a short arc across both corners to create petals. Cut along lines.

4. Layer crêpe paper flower over construction paper flower; offset slightly so construction paper is visible beneath crêpe paper. Apply glue to centre only of construction paper flower; adhere crêpe paper.

5. Push one end of pipe cleaner through flower, from back to front, about 1 cm (1/2 inch) from centre. Repeat with other end of pipe cleaner. Straighten pipe cleaners so they stand perpendicular to flower. Set aside.

6. Trace petal detail template onto red construction paper and cut out; repeat to make four identical pieces. Glue details to flower, points facing centre, as shown.

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