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  • DIY waterproof fat quarter mats

    These easy to make fat quarter mats are multi-purpose and can be used as place mats, change pads or to keep you dry when you’re sitting on the grass.

  • DIY wet bag for your damp bathing suit

    Wet bags are great for storing damp bathing suits, beach toys or dirty clothes, and sewing with laminated cotton is easier than you think! Once you get the hang of this simple project, you can customize your dimensions for a bigger or smaller version.

  • DIY hair scrunchie

    They’re baaack! Hair scrunchies, the original retro accessory, are the best way to tame summer hair and are super easy to make out of fabric scraps.

  • How to make a felt Christmas tree ornament

    This crafty little tree will look adorable dangling from the branches of the life-sized version.

  • DIY advent calendar

    Count down the days till Christmas with a homemade advent calendar in the festive shape of your choice. 

  • DIY felt Christmas ornament

    These DIY ornaments do double duty as sweet handmade gift tags or pretty decorations for your tree. 

  • How to make a laptop cozy from a wool sweater

    Turning your old wool sweater into a laptop case is easy with these step-by-step sewing instructions.