A garlic love story

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A garlic love story

My husband loves to grow garlic. Lots of it. 500 every year. He harvests wheelbarrows full of  garlic... [caption id="attachment_231" align="aligncenter" width="426" caption="The garlic love-in begins"] garlic[/caption]

...and when he peels off the dry outer skin of each one, he briefly strokes the smooth white flesh underneath. For the three days it takes him to peel and hang it to dry, I complain that the garlic is his mistress. But I love her, too.

Our favourite garlic dish?

Finely chop 8 cloves of garlic and sautée in 1 tbsp of olive oil plus 1 tbsp of butter until just brown. Remove from pan and sautée veggies, any veggies, in the same pan. Return garlic to pan, toss together and serve. That's it. So delicious.

Garlic fights cancer

The health benefits of garlic aren't just folklore -- they're backed up by science, as well.  Early studies suggest garlic's allyl sulfur compounds may help rid your body of cancer-causing chemicals and encourage cancer cells to die naturally. A recent pilot study out of Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center, in Columbus, showed that garlic consumption could interfere with the processes in the body that convert nitrogen-containing compounds in foods, such as processed meats or those prepared at high temperatures, into carcinogens. Just a single clove of garlic a day can do the trick, say researchers. (From Canadian Living's October 2010 article, "How to fight cancer in your kitchen.")

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A garlic love story