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How to send cookies in the mail

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Baking & Desserts

How to send cookies in the mail

The best part of baking is sharing the delicious results; after all, who wants to feel obligated to eat an entire batch of cookies by herself? If you love baking but live too far away from your nearest and dearest to spread the cookie love, we have the solution: mail your cookies! Rheanna Kish, Food Specialist for the Canadian Living Test Kitchen, shares her expertise so your cookies arrive without crumbling.

Pick your cookie wisely

The difference between opening a package of cookies and opening a package of crumbs is the cookie you send: Kish recommends drop cookies, biscotti, thumbprint cookies, bars, squares, and thick (3/4 to 1-inch) shortbread. And while they may be delicious, avoid any cookie that is soft and crumbly.

If you send more than one variety, make sure you package each cookie variety separately. "Gingerbread and peanut butter cookies are especially strong flavoured and will permeate any others they are packed with," Kish says, but any cookie flavour has the potential to overtake the taste of its neighbours.

How to pack cookies for transport
To give your cookies the best chance at arriving fresh and in one piece, Kish recommends packing cookies snugly in airtight containers as soon as they have cooled. To keep cookies from sticking together, Kish recommends using waxed paper between layers, "or wrap cookies individually if you suffer from OCD!" To further prevent breakage, Kish suggests using bubble wrap, foam peanuts, paper towel or scrunched up newspaper to cushion the cookies right to the top of the container.

Once you have packed your airtight container, place your cookies inside another container that leaves 2-3 inches of space for more padding. Wrap your cookie container with bubble wrap, or stuff scrunched up newspaper or foam peanuts on all sides of the cookie container. This step is important: "Fit should be snug, allowing for zero movement when shaken," Kish says.

Make sure they arrive fresh
"Use a courier or the fastest shipping method with the postal service," Kish says, adding that during busy holiday seasons, like Christmas, send as early as possible to avoid slower service due to volume. "Planning ahead means cookies arrive safe and fresh!"

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Baking & Desserts

How to send cookies in the mail