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11 sophisticated (and dead easy) Champagne cocktails

Original Champagne Cocktail
Photography by Matthew Kimura
Image by: Original Champagne Cocktail <br /> Photography by Matthew Kimura Author: Canadian Living

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11 sophisticated (and dead easy) Champagne cocktails


Seven tips for making perfect Champagne cocktails1. Chill Champagne before using.

2. Choose a moderately priced Champagne or sparkling wine for mixing (not the cheapest and not the best). Cava, Prosecco and some good-quality Canadian sparkling wines are more affordable (but still tasty) substitutes for Champagne, especially for a party.

3. Since Champagne cocktails tend to be on the sweet side, choose a dry (Brut) Champagne or sparkling wine.

4. Add the Champagne to the glass last.

5. Pour the Champagne slowly over the other ingredients to avoid an overflow of bubbles.

6. Stirring is not usually necessary, but if you do, stir slowly and gently to avoid an overflow.

7. Champagne cocktails taste and look best when served right away.

Our best Champagne cocktails:

Original Champagne Cocktail
For an even more elegant cocktail (touched with romance), use Pink Champagne, like Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant did in the movie An Affair to Remember.

Apricot Fizz
This light and fruity drink is just perfect for brunch.

Black Velvet
This cocktail has a rich flavour that beer drinkers will love. Serve with oysters and appetizers.

Chambord and Champagne
This slightly sweet and sparkling raspberry cocktail is perfect to serve with brunch or as an aperitif.

Sparkling Pomegranate (pictured above)
One hundred per cent pure pomegranate juice (not cocktail) gives this pretty red sparkler the best flavour and colour. It's perfect for brunch with the cosmopolitan crowd.

This traditionally calls for Armagnac, but other less expensive brandies are delicious too. Stylish and fun, it's a perfect choice for parties and formal events.

Death in the Afternoon
It is said that adding bubbly was Ernest Hemingway's favourite way to drink anise-flavoured pastis or absinthe. This cocktail is best served as an aperitif – or to the literary crowd.

French 75 Cocktail
This tart and tangy cocktail is very elegant served with light appetizers.

Kir Royale
This black-currant Champagne cocktail is perfect for brunch or as an aperitif.

Ice Wine Royale
To make this a truly Canadian cocktail, use a locally produced sparkling wine instead of Champagne. This sweet cocktail would be perfect for toasting with dessert or served after dinner.

Champagne Julep
Mint and Champagne make a refreshing combination with brunch or appetizers.




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Menus & Entertaining

11 sophisticated (and dead easy) Champagne cocktails