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Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky

By: Christine Picheca

Author: Canadian Living

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Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky

By: Christine Picheca editors asked readers to share their favourite ways to enjoy whisky. You'll won't want to miss these tasty elixirs. Bottom's up!

1. Kathy H who enjoys her whisky in the fall and winter, submitted a twist on a hot toddy:
“1 shot of whisky (I perfer Wisers)
1 cup of boiling hot water
1 bag of Calm tea from Tazo
1 teaspoon honey
Let tea steep for 2 minutes in hot water in a mug. Remove tea bag, add honey and stir till disolved…then add whisky. Enjoy by a warm fire with a warm body near by! This is my favorite thing to drink when I have a cold or it is cold.”

2. Sandra MacDonald holds the belief that “Scotch (whisky) makes water taste better. HA!” and drinks her malt whisky neat with a tiny bit of water to bring out the flavour. Here is her recipe for her winter favourite:
“2 oz of Scotch (ach! go on not 1.5)
1 oz of warmed Stone’s Ginger Wine
Big Squeeze of lemon
If using for medicinal purposes I add a bit of hot water. Put in a large mug or glass and hope winter goes away”.

3. Mona had this delicious treat to offer, but it needs a name Mona!
“Infuse fresh basil leaves with water and add teaspoon of suger (or as much sugar as you prefer to taste) stovetop - try not to boil it. Let cool. Add one shot whiskey of your choice to 3 parts tasty basil infusion over ice with a twist of lemon and enjoy”.

4. Janice McKelvey submits:
“How about hot apple cider! 1-2 shots of good whisky, a slice of lemon and a stick of cinnamon – yummy”.

5. And Freddy Clemett likes whiskey with fruit juice.
“I mix a bit of whisky (1 part whiskey to 2-3 parts juice) with grapefruit juice it sounds harsh but it’s actually really good, adding a maraschino cherry makes it even better. I’ve also been known to mix Jack Daniels with apple juice”.

6. Kelly Pollock submitted a Sazerac cocktail from New Orleans:
“I mix 3oz of rye, 1oz of simple syrup a splash of bitters & a drop or two of absinthe. I usually just add a bit of lemon zest but I’ve had them with a fancy lemon twist a cherry & either one is a nice addition!”

7. Ursula Cameron submitted this boozy delight that I have never heard of, did she make it up or is this a classic cocktail I wonder?
The Falling Star - In a shaker filled with ice, add 1 oz whiskey, 1/2 oz sloe gin,a dash of bitters and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.”

8. Brenda submitted this inspired bit of Canadiana:
“In honour of the Cranberry Festival, I call this the Bala Autumn Wakeup. Add 4 oz of Cranberry juice to 1-1/2 oz whisky. Add ice and top with a drizzle of Sortilege (Maple syrup/Canadian Whisky liqueur–only available in Quebec). Garnish with a few frozen cranberries. If you don’t have any Sortilege use a drizzle of Frangelico.”

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Menus & Entertaining

Canadians share their favourite ways to drink whisky