Quick & Easy

Elegant and easy spring menu

Author: Canadian Living

Quick & Easy

Elegant and easy spring menu

Spring get-togethers are made easy with this simple-yet-impressive menu. It comes together quickly and components can be assembled beforehand, so everyone can spend more time together.


With-or-without-alcohol Cosmo Spritzers are fruity and refreshing. To prepare ahead, combine everything except the ginger ale and sparkling orange beverage (if using); refrigerate.

Watercress and Red Grapefruit Salad is a stunning springtime salad. Tip: Soak raw onion in ice water to mellow any harsh flavours.

Main course
Light and Lemony Baked Salmon with Spring Herbs
- featured above - contains a winning combination of herbs, including fresh dill and parsley. More fresh herbs make their way into our easy side dish, Steamed Fingerling Potatoes and Sugar Snap Peas with Mint - a fantastic complement to salmon.


Dessert doesn’t get much easier than our Quick Strawberry Shortcake, which uses fresh berries and store-bought angel food cake.

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Quick & Easy

Elegant and easy spring menu