Exercise ideas for those who don't like to exercise

Do you always have a reason not to fit fitness into your schedule? Here are 12 fun and inspired exercise ideas that leave you no excuse not to get moving.

6 fun exercise ideas
Reason 1: I find exercise really boring.
I hear you. But there can be certain activities that are interesting. Some of this involves trying different things and seeing what interests you.

Here's an exercise: Make a list of the things you enjoy doing and try to find some physically based activities around that. If you like spending time outdoors then a gym is the worst place for you; go for a walk instead. If you love watching television, get a piece of exercise equipment and put it in front of a television set. You need to amuse yourself while you exercise as a distraction.

Here are some ideas to start you on the right track:

Exercise ideas:
  • Join a walking group or make your own; having someone to talk to is a great way to ease the boredom.
  • A television and a treadmill is a powerful pairing; pick your favourite show and make that the time you exercise.
  • Listen to a book on tape while you exercise. 
  • Join a team sport
  • There are plenty of boot camps or exercise classes specifically geared toward beginners or people with weight issues. Why not give one a try?
Reason 2: Exercise hurts.
Yes, it does. But it won't always be that way. Sure sometimes we have to do things that are not easy. Most things in life don't come easy for any of us. The interesting thing about exercise is that everyone gets better at it regardless of where they start.

I learned to ride a bike when I was a kid. It had a classic 1970s banana seat bicycle and I loved it. It had streamers on the handlebars and a big bell. I can remember being a kid and riding my bike every summer night in the street until it got dark and my mom would flash the porch lights for us to come in and go to bed.

Do you remember when you were a kid and exercise was play? We would run in the streets and play baseball or hockey or soccer or whatever. Exercise wasn't work – it was fun. And then we got old and life took over and exercise lost its play. Now it is all about work. So I propose we bring back the play.

Exercise idea:
Find the sport you loved as a kid and modify it to meet your daily needs now. Sure it will be hard at first, but eventually you'll get better at it and it will be less uncomfortable. Make no mistake, it will never be easy, but it will hurt less.

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