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  • Best health and fitness apps for the new year

    Need a personal trainer or nutritionist to help you achieve your New Year's resolution, but can't afford one? Look to your smartphone for help instead. These apps will encourage you to get off the couch, teach you to eat healthy and help you exercise like a pro.  

  • 5 tips for hosting a gluten-free guest

    If you are hosting a gluten-free event this holiday season, we've got five simple tips to make sure your party is successful.

  • Celebrate with a healthy holiday season

    The holidays are about indulgence, excitement and celebrations. This year, commit to enjoying the best of the season while still maintaining your health.

  • Perfect gifts for yoga lovers

    Have a yogi on your Christmas list this year? These gorgeous and functional gifts will help her do her asanas in style. And if you practise yoga yourself, you might just want to add some of these gifts to your own list for Santa.

  • How to lose weight in your 50s

    Ann Douglas shares how a walking routine and being kinder to herself helped her lose 120 pounds. 

  • Alison Sweeney's secrets for staying healthy as a family

    The Biggest
 Loser and Days of our Lives star is more than just a celebrity. She's also a mom to a 9-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. Sweeney shares her tips on how to live a healthy life as a family.

  • Easy ways to cut 200 calories from your diet

    Weight loss goals can seem insurmountable. To lose each pound of fat, you need to cut 3,500 calories, and that number can sound scary. But taking little steps to cut just 100 or 200 calories at a time goes a long way. Use two of these tips each day and you'll lose a pound in a little over a week—no starvation necessary.

  • How she did it: Cutting back on sugar and carbs

    This mom's health condition pushed her to make a major change in her diet.