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Make your home a haven

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Mind & Spirit

Make your home a haven

After a hard day's work, the last thing you need is to come home to a disorganized house that causes more stress and leaves you feeling worse than before. You need your home to be a sanctuary, where you can regroup and relax. Here are some resources from our sister site Style at Home.com, resources that will help you personalize your home, choose colours and lighting and turn the simplest room into a comfort zone.

Organizing 101: Making your home a haven
At its most basic level, organizing is about creating a home that functions smoothly. But an organized environment isn't the only goal; you want a space that's beautiful and expresses who you are so that you feel at home.

A beautiful bathroom retreat
For many of us, the bathroom is the tiny, cluttered room off the bedroom where we rush to brush, shower and coif before racing off to the office. But what if it were a place to retreat after a long, hard day, a haven to soothe the soul and calm the nerves? It can be done -- and within any budget.

Reflect your personal values in your home
Organizing your house not only makes it more functional, but also is the groundwork that must be completed if you want to turn your home into a haven -- a place where, from the moment you walk through the door, you feel at ease.

At home in your kitchen
Add personality to your kitchen and create a room that's a joy to spend time in. There are actually lots of ways you can make your kitchen uniquely yours, and best of all, none of them cost much money. Here are a few ideas.

Achieve the perfect lighting
The right type of lighting can create atmosphere, define spaces and spotlight prized possessions. The wrong type can make you sleepy, cause headaches and lead to accidents while performing even the simplest tasks.

Colour your world happy
Understanding the psychology of colour will help you to choose a palette for your home that has a positive effect on you and your family.

What's your colour?
Tuning into your colour personality is the first step toward finding the best colours for your home. Here's a fun quiz that will not only help you discover your true taste but also match you up with a palette of the latest paint colours.


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Mind & Spirit

Make your home a haven