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Whole life makeover: Web guide to active living and healthy eating

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Whole life makeover: Web guide to active living and healthy eating

The Web is a fabulous place to find tools, tips and resources to help you stay on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Dieticians of Canada
This national organization of registered dieticians provides resources to promote healthy living through proper diet, plus personalized feedback to help you achieve your healthy eating and active living goals.

Health Canada Physical Activity Guides
These downloadable guides for all ages show you how to fit in 60 minutes of activity every day.

Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute
Click here for encouragement and practical suggestions for integrating physical activity into your daily life. They provide helpful, motivational and easy-to-read information, insights on the role of physical activity in disease prevention, and tips on becoming more active and maintaining an active lifestyle.

DB Brown Research Chair on Obesity
For a very in depth look at obesity, check out the DB Brown Research Chair on Obesity Web site. Beyond information on obesity, this site also offers guidance on how to find support groups, dietitians, clinics, doctors, and other helpful professionals.

Stairway to Health: Canadian success stories
Looking for inspiration? Meet Marie-Claire from New Brunswick. She shares her story and some helpful advice.

National Institute of Nutrition
The National Institute of Nutrition website examines a wide variety of health related topics and issues. If you want to make informed decisions about how to live a healthier lifestyle, this website is full of facts and research results.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
The Heart and Stroke Foundation has a website packed full of healthy living information. They offer tips and tools to strengthen your body, mind and spirit, as well as additional features such as wholesome recipes from around the world.

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Whole life makeover: Web guide to active living and healthy eating