How to stay calm on your wedding day

Relax before you walk down the aisle with these great tips.

What to do on your wedding day
Your wedding is supposed to be one of the greatest days of your life. So why do you feel so stressed? Unfortunately, the flip side of having a "Big Day" is the amount of pressure connected to it. But there are many ways you can minimize your stress. Here are some things you can do to help keep your cool and enjoy the fireworks.

The day before
Just relax and prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for tomorrow's events. Keep your to-do list light, with a focus on the rehearsal dinner and plenty of rest and relaxation.

Any last-minute wedding prep details should be handed off to a trusted friend or relative. And unless we're talking about visiting a loved one who's literally unable to leave their hospital bed, most social visits can wait.

Here are some tips for treating yourself right today:
Graze throughout the day.
Nerves may prevent you from having a full meal, and that's fine. But stay hydrated and fuelled up so you'll feel (and look) your best. Satisfying, stress-busting, calm-inducing snacks include:
• lightly salted (or, better yet, unsalted) nuts
• whole wheat toast or bagels
• oatmeal
• leafy salads
• grilled salmon
• steamed vegetables
• fruit (Oranges and strawberries, two excellent sources of Vitamin C are particularly good choices, since C will lower the amount of cortisol (the "stress hormone") in your blood.)

Sip tea (or coffee)
Caffeine-free herbal tea is a great choice – if you like it. But if your idea of a nice hot bevvie is a latte or hot chocolate, go for it – just don't have more than one or two today.
Many find the gentle spiciness of chai or chai latte an indulgent treat.

Update and thank well-wishers via Facebook
Use social networking sites to stay in touch with your friends, without letting phone calls or text messaging cut into your countdown. Check in once or twice today, and then that's it. Put the Blackberry away.

Hit the spa
Get that massage you've been promising yourself, as well as a mani-pedi. Avoid treatment facials though, as they can cause blemishes and redness. If you want a light facial, free feel, but let your aesthetician know you're getting married tomorrow so she'll focus on relaxation and facial massage, not conditioning or extractions.

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