The dos and don'ts of the detox diet

A 21-day cleansing plan to restore your vitality

Tips to get your detox diet started

What if you could have more energy, eliminate cravings and look and feel younger? If this sounds good to you, you may be the perfect candidate for a detox diet. Dr. Joshi's Holistic Detox (Hodder Mobius, 2005) is a 21-day cleansing plan that promises to balance the alkaline/acidic state of your body and flush fat-soluble toxins from your liver. Follow the plan to stop feeling bloated and sluggish and start feeling great (not to mention, a few pounds lighter!)

There are challenges ahead, including ending your love affair with frozen pizza, but you're strong and will get stronger each day as you fill your body with healthy foods and follow these dos and don'ts of Dr. Joshi's diet.

DO: Eat fresh food. Go for the freshest you can find – fruits and vegetables that are in season and have been grown locally. The vitamin and mineral count in these foods will likely be higher than foods that have been shipped from another country or grown in greenhouses.

DON'T: Eat pre-packaged, prepared meals. Not only do these items lack nutrients, but Dr. Joshi also suggests considering the toxins and chemicals in the plastic packaging.

DO: Eat bananas. Preferably organic ones. Bananas offer a slow-release sugar boost to your body.

DON'T: Eat any other fruit. Most of the fruit we buy in grocery stores is picked too early so that it won't be past its prime by the time we get it home. But fruits only reach the desirable alkaline state if they're picked when ripe.

DO: Drink green tea. The high concentration of antioxidants in green tea offers numerous health benefits, from helping your liver to work more efficiently to lowering your blood-sugar and preventing diabetes.

DON'T: Drink alcohol. Most alcohol, such as wine, champagne and beer, is acidic and high in yeast, both of which are bad for your body. Rest assured, once you enter the maintenance portion of the diet after three weeks, you can have small quantities of distilled alcohol, such as gin and vodka.

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